Active Projects


In partnership with the YMCA of Greater Vancouver, this study is to develop and evaluate an intervention to promote children’s outdoor play in early learning and child care.


This study is to test the effectiveness of the online risk reframing tool developed for early childhood educators and administrators using a randomized controlled trial.


This is a mixed-method study to better understand children aged 10-13 years and their parents’ perspective on why they are motivated to play outside.


This study will develop an online tool for children and their parents/guardians to use together to learn more about why outdoor play is important.

Grandparents Study

This study is to understand the influence of outdoor play on children 3 to 5 years old and their grandparents.

Past Projects

Go Play Outside

This study developed an online risk reframing tool for parents of young children. The tool was tested for effectiveness using a randomized-controlled trial.

Early Childhood Outside

This study is to develop an online risk-reframing educational tool to reframe perceptions of risk of early childhood educators and administrators.

Nature Play Meets Risky Play

This study looked at how introducing risky play through the use of natural elements, such as plants and trees, influences children’s development and well-being.

Play Worth Remembering

This online survey study was conducted to understand the types of landscapes that people considered memorable for play when they were children.

Child & Youth Burden of Injury

This study examined how injuries affect children and their families. Injuries are the leading cause of death and a major cause of disabilities for Canadian children and youth.

Fathers’ Injury Prevention

This qualitative research study examined Canadian fathers’ attitudes and practices towards preventing injury and keeping children safe.