Children experience the world first through play. Let them experience the world.

Play is not just fun and games

Play is a basic childhood need. Through play, children learn societal roles, norms and values and develop physical and cognitive competencies, creativity, self-worth, independence and efficacy.

Above all, outdoor play – with its risks – comes with a great bundle of developmental benefits for children. For example, outdoor risky play including unsupervised outdoor play, rough-and-tumble play, play at speed, at height, with tools, with elements such as water or fire, promotes not only children’s social and physical development but also emotional well-being, self-confidence, risk management and physical activity.

Despite the benefits, opportunities for outdoor play for children have been decreasing across generations due to the perception that it is dangerous and unnecessary. Reversing this trend requires a societal shift.

Dr. Mariana Brussoni and her research team are dedicated to studying child injury prevention and children’s outdoor play. This research looks at the influence of parents, outdoor environments, as well as policies to promote children’s outdoor play.